Jeff Carter
Life is a riddle; unfortunately the answer's are not written here.


C.R.A.P.  is a fitting acronym when the average person may think of a publication. Most may think of flyers, handouts, brochures etc. Most people see this as “hey pal throw my crap away for me.” Lets be honest, most of you have thought that, and or done that. A lady by the name of Robin Williams came along and gave CRAP a whole new meaning. C.R.A.P. stands for contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. William’s discussed these main components in her book The Non-designer’s Design Book.

Repetition is a key component in publications. Repetition is described in Publications as repeating “repeat some aspect of the design throughout the entire piece.” Being repetitive can be anything from the font, color, design elements etc. Repetition shows consistency and is more visually pleasing to the reader. Also if using a website, the repetition shows the user that they are still on the same website. The last main reason repetition is key is that it shows that it is organized which is important when appealing to a public.

I also think that contrast is a vital part to a publication. Contrast is what catches the persons attention. If the publication has weak contrast chances are people are not going to care about it or take it seriously. If the contrast is good people are more willing to pick it up and read whatever it is your publication is talking about.

For more information about C.R.A.P. or Robin Williams go to her website listed here:


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