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Segmenting Publics

Being in a fraternity (Phi Sigma Kappa) makes segmenting your target public extremely easy. Obviously males are main target. A majority, if not all of them, will be in the early stages of their provisional adulthood. This is when young adults are stepping out for the first time, on their own, with little parental influence. Most of the targeted males will be of the middle to upper class because those are the ones that history shows are more willing to join a fraternity and have the money to do so.

So creating a brochure that will appeal to this public must still look professional. Given their social class they will be able to tell the difference in professionalism. That is why every detail down to the type of paper you use is important. The recommended type of paper is 80 pound glossy paper. Also laser paper can be sufficient as well, but is only recommended for those seeking a cost efficient production. Even if they can’t, their parents will. You must also try to go appeal to parents, because even though their influence is not as great as it use to be, they will more than likely be the ones paying for it in the end. It will be important to stress all the positives that come with being in a fraternity, because of the many stereotypes. Pointing out the Cardinal Priniciples, Philanthropy, and intramural participation will be key components in the brochure. The inclusion of group photos would also be a nice touch.

Listed below is an article on segmenting publics by life stages. Also there is a box located on the far left about middle of the page listed as “Related Results” which gives you articles about the other ways you can segment publics (social class, gender, etc.)


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