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Choosing a font is a vital part of the publication process. The most important thing you must keep in mind is that the font you choose must be appropriate for organization. Roman fonts are recommended for publications because they are more readable. Most people tend to use a font size anywhere from 7-10 on a business card. This allows for enough room to put the essential information on their while not having the print to large or small.

When choosing your fonts it is best to select a few and play around with them to get an idea for how it will look on your publication. This will also help you determine the best combination that will reinforce your key message.

For brochures the average font size is usually 12 point. However some font sizes may depend on the type of font you use. For a standard brochure 12 is usually accepted and 14 is used for headings. As with any publication a lot of the decisions you make in regards to fonts will depend on the type of client you have. Every client has a different audience they are trying to reach therefore the fonts and typefaces will be different for each one. Also the fonts must go best with the image of the client.

If you are looking for some different fonts that can not be found on the regular Microsoft word, try going to Also if you are having trouble downloading fonts here is a link that will help both microsoft and apple users.


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