Jeff Carter
Life is a riddle; unfortunately the answer's are not written here.

Free Transform Tool

How To Use The Free Transform Tool

• Select the Free Transform tool .
• To move objects, click anywhere within the bounding box, and then drag.
• To scale objects, drag any bounding box handle until the object is the desired size. Shift-drag the handle to preserve the selection’s proportions.
• To rotate objects, position the pointer anywhere outside the bounding box. When pointer changes to , drag until the selection is at the desired angle of rotation.
• To reflect objects, drag a handle of the bounding box past the opposite edge or handle, until the object is at the desired level of reflection.
• To shear objects, begin dragging a handle, and then hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS). Hold down Alt+Ctrl (Windows) or Command+Option to shear from both sides of the object.


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