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The Language of the Image

This course was very interesting and informative. While it did cover things that can be considered common sense, it also made known the various elements of a photo. I am more aware and more knowledgeable to the multitude of elements that makes a photo compelling. Thanks to this exercise, I can now honestly say, I understand the definition and concept of juxtaposition. Before I just knew the word, now I understand its importance. I also learned the “rule of thirds.” Never before have I heard of this in the world of photography. This may be because I am no where near a photography major.

What surprised me the most was the multiple elements that go into a  photo. When reviewing that section I got the concept of the multiple elements. It wasn’t until I got to the end and took the quiz that I realized just how many elements are in a photo. Some may consider my score to be an “epic failure” but I gladly challenge them to do review all of the elements and then take that quiz.  It is now easier to see and understand how so many of these various elements can go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Honestly I don’t know of anything that I would want to know more about. The material presented was covered and explained in a very suitable way. I guess the only thing I would want to know more about is if there are any more elements, but I doubt that is possible.

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