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Client Brochure

My client for the brochure we were assigned to do in class is the fraternity in which I am currently a member. The name is Phi Sigma Kappa. Being new on campus poses a lot of challenges for a fraternity. Most notably is name recognition and gaining new members. This is a good scenario for a client that could benefit from a brochure. The most important things that need to be listed in this brochure are the fraternity’s basic principles and values. Also there needs to be information about the local chapter so that interested students can gain information about the chapter. The main focus is not going to be on what the fraternity needs in the brochure but rather how it was designed and why certain design elements were chosen over others.

On the front cover there was the name of the fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa, at the top. Followed by the fraternity crest and listed below that is the chapters name, Chi Septaton. The inside flap consisted of small sections,vertically aligned to follow the order of the cardinal principles. The inside 3 panels contained a diagonal alignment of photos. Panel 1 had a photo at the top of that section which talked about the local chapter. Panel 2 consisted of a watermark of the coat of arms that was centered behind the creed. Lastly panel 3 had a photo from a past philanthropy event at the bottom of the philanthropy section. The headings for each section were horizontally aligned at the top of each panel as well.

This is just one of the many ways a person can design a layout for a brochure.


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