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Eagle Print Shop

Recently our class took an informative trip to the Eagle Print Shop. While some may say “all I need to know about the print shop is that they can print my stuff,” there is a lot more to be learned. I will admit that I have had similar thoughts until we had this tour.

The most important thing that I learned was the best most effective ways to submit your material that you want printed. The best way mentioned was to send it in vie e-mail. They just ask that you list a subject heading, when you would like to pick it up, what kind of paper you would like, how many copies, and your name. Obviously you need to attach your file as well. They also recommend that if you are using any adobe type of design program that save it as a pdf. This makes it easier for them to open your document and it also ensures better quality.

The print shop recommended for all PR majors who have final projects approaching to submit what they would like printed, bound, etc. 2-3 days in advance to allow them enough time to complete the job. Due to the amount of projects that are being turned in toward the end of the semester, things could get backed up and cause you to miss a deadline.

I personally took the advice given and submitted my brochure for PRCA 3339 2 days before it was due via e-mail. I saved it as a pdf file. When my brochure was printed and ready for pick-up I was notified and was able to pick it up the next day. The best part was that I did not have to stand around and wait in line or sit and wait for them to print it.

For more information regarding topics covered during the tour of the print shop please see Barbara Nixon’s blog:


2 Responses to “Eagle Print Shop”

  1. “all I need to know about the print shop is that they can print my stuff,” there is a lot more to be learned.”

    This is so true. Most people think that every print shop is the same and will deliver a somewhat similar products so let’s just pick a print shop according to their prices.


    There are many factors that can make a print design easy or a hassle. Thanks for sharing that article and opening some eyes.

  2. I was the same way when I first heard about the Eagle Print Shop. I thought it was only good for printing my things. After interning with the American Cancer Society last summer, I realized they are extremely helpful for most projects you present to them. I really like how convenient they make things. It’s nice to know that you can e-mail them your documents or bring them on a flash drive. I feel that establishments with more options are always the more appealing ones. I was actually in your Publications class when we had this field trip, but I think I was absent. Don’t tell on me.

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