Jeff Carter
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Last in the acronym for C.R.A.P. is proximity. Our textbook, Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics, defines proximity as what “refers to unifying items by placing them physically close on a page. This is important for a designer to remember especially when he/she has multiple items it wants to display and have it convey their close relation.

The key for successful use of proximity is obviously having your items close together but also having them be related. For example lets say you are designing a brochure for a company that sells kitchenware items to chefs. You would have along the top of the inside panels and maybe down the outside edges of panel 1 and 3 you have pictures and a brief description of the products (iron skillets, boiler pots, crock pots, spatulas etc.) All these items are closely related and relevant to each other. Down on the bottom of the middle panel you might place a big picture or a few small ones of chefs using these products. This will be away from and not aligned with other pictures because that is not the focal point of the brochure. This photo is just there to fill in space and maybe show people using the product but the point is for them to focus on the unifying pictures of various products you sale.

Our textbook makes a reference to the Gestalt theory which contends that the “closer two or more elements are, the greater the probability that they will be perceived as related.”

Below is a link to a blog where this individual discusses the proximity aspect of a publication along with many other components.


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