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Social Media and Haiti

The country of Haiti recently suffered a 7.0 earthquake which devestated the poverty stricken country. Thats when the Red Cross jumped to offer aid. As most of you know, the Red Cross operates mostly on donations whether it be money, blood, or even stocks. Considering the techonological world we live in today, the Red Cross has had to change the ways in which they collect money. They have now moved to the popular “Social Media.”

The most obvious social media they use is the actual Red Cross website itself. They give you a list of various options that you can choose to donate to. They also list the various locations that accept “walk-in” donations that go straight to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is helping in other was that do not include donations. For instance the International Committee of the Red Cross has a site that is helping friends and family members reconnect with those that have been missing since the earthquake. By going to this site you can search for or register the names of those you are concerned about.

Red Cross has also joined popular sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and Twitter, just to name a few. Through these sites theyare able to create awareness by giving updates, showing detailed photos, videos from Haiti etc.. The Red Cross also has their own podcast page and blog page.

So it’s fairly obvious that the Red Cross is not only making strides to stay in touch with an ever changing technological world but they are also keeping their original tactics to cater to those who are not technologically savvy.


One Response to “Social Media and Haiti”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    I thought that what the American Red Cross did following the earthquake in Haiti, which you talked about in your post, was amazing. I also read about and talked about in my post on this same topic about how the American Red Cross also initatied a text message service where you could text a particular code and donate $10 to their efforts. It was something that caught on really quickly and raised a lot of money to help their efforts which in turn was helping others. They were doing all of this while still maintaining their other social networking outlets. Wow!

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