Jeff Carter
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Social Media Monitoring

There is no doubt that social media’s role in our society is not only growing but becoming more dominant daily. That’s why sites such as Radian6 have started becoming so popular for businesses. Big businesses have started using these sites to track and monitor all the “talk and chatter” about their companies online. Some people are left asking “is this ethical?”

A lot of companies use these tools to make sure people are not posting flogs about their products. “A flog is a fake blog used by people who don’t really care about quality content or sharing valuable info that may help others. Also people maybe creating these types of blogs or sometimes even sites portraying a company ad. This can lead to a false perception by a consumer who may not know much about the company.

The companies can use this to their advantage because social media is finally giving them what they have longed for, instant response. Social media is the way in which  a lot of people are now voicing their opinions. Like the old saying goes “the best advertisement is by word of mouth.” Well the mouth has now entered the world of the internet and is writing blogs about companies and more people are getting that persons opinion than ever before.

Social media is also now providing a way for the “big wigs” to communicate directly with the public. However there has been some ethical issues regarding whether it is the actual person to who you think you are communicating with. It has been found that some people may have an account but have an intern or someone do all the communicating for them.

Overall I believe social media monitoring can be ethical as long as it is dealt with in a manner that is not only personally moral but also moral in terms of the company.


3 Responses to “Social Media Monitoring”

  1. Social media is nothing new. The same conversations that were occurring offline are just now occurring offline. It is the responsibility of the company to know what conversations surround them and their product/brand, industry and competitors. Perhaps it is not so much of a question of monitoring being ethical, but more of how companies can begin engaging without being intrusive?

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

  2. I agree, this is exactly what businesses have been waiting for. The idea that they can have almost instant feedback allows for so many new opportunities. It’s awesome to think how much social media has changed the business world over the past few years. The only thing that scares me is to what extent social media can be monitored. How much is too much. I suppose that’s what you sign up for when you agree to let have a public profile. That’s what most people don’t realize is that it is intended to be public, so they should keep that in mind before agreeing to it.

  3. Hey Jeff,
    While social media is a newer concept, I think that business have been waiting for a way to monitor what people are saying about them. Through social media sites a way for this to happened occurred. It definitely helped that millions of people have jumped on the bandwagon and joined this networking opportunity. Like you said, it allows for the companies to communicate more personally with their customer’s complaints. Now regarding the ethics of social media monitoring, that is a hard topic to address. I think that it is ethical as long as it is used by the companies in a moral correct manner.

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