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1) “Haitian Earthquake Crisis, American Red Cross, & the use of Social Media” by Jessica Cameron 1/29/10

It is very true that the American Red Cross is coming up with new and inventive ways to raise money for the people of Haiti. The ways you have listed have been extremely effective in helping the people of Haiti but there are other ways that they are helping that many are not aware of. They are on multiple social media websites (flickr, youtube, facebook, etc.) with ways to contribute and create overall awareness as to how bad the situation actually is. They have even setup a site where people can register to find their friends and family in Haiti. For more examples you can visit my blog: JeffCarter3

2) TOW 9 & 10: PROpenMic

by Jessica Cameron 3/18/10

This was a very good post. I to have had an account for almost a year now but do not use it frequently. With the various social networking sites available its hard to keep up with them all. You are right that this site does offer good features that are helpful to PR students or professionals. In the competitive job market any thing you can do to help yourself get an edge is good. This site offers that potential edge. It is nice that this site targets a specific profession and tailors to the needs of many PR people. Look forward to reading many more of your posts.

3) Podcasts

By Meghan Beytagh 3/4/10

Podcasting may be the future of getting out information to the masses. Not only does it offer a cheaper alternative to radio, it also offers a broader reach. Creating the show notes for a podcast can be the most tedious thing about podcasting. While it is helpful to your listener it creates a headache for the creator. That is my opinion though. I agree with you that Public Relations students should not only learn how to produce podcasts but also listen to them regularly. This will allow them to think of new ideas in creating podcasts in the future. Great post.

4) The Viral Video Phenomenon

by Lauren Parr 4/12/10

I couldn’t help but laugh at the 7 yr old kid who stole the car. I saw him on Tosh.0 this past season. He did one on one interview with him that was hilarious. I do agree that viral videos are a great form of cheap entertainment. I frequently have friends posting links to my facebook showing me the funniest and newest videos out there. I often find myself doing the same by showing as many people that I think would enjoy it as possible. This was a great post that brought to my attention how much viral videos make my day better.

5) Interview with Martin Waxman

by James Kicklighter 4/3/10

This was really interesting how these two came to know each other. It’s amazing to think how these two came to know one another two years ago by way of social media. It didn’t seem like social media was that big of a deal two years ago.  I too noticed that he often encouraged students throughout the interview to embrace social media. You are right that even though the technology is changing we must not forget our public relation traditional tactics. This is simply a new way of using those tactics as we move into the future. Enjoyed the post.

6) Foursquare

by Jessica Cameron 3/3/10

I also had to research about foursquare before writing about it. I was unaware of what it was or what it could offer. The more I read about it the more I found it to be a modified twitter with perks. Recently in Savannah a local news station covered Foursquare and a business that is using it. The business owner they spoke with was very excited about this new site and mentioned how much it was already helping her business. They also interviewed a mom on St. Patrick’s Day who was using Foursquare to track where her kids were. This is a site that could become a force in the future.

7) Social Media Definition

by Meghan Beytagh 2/5/10

I agree with you on how the word change is scary. Sometimes I find myself as one of those people who are “set in their ways” and do not like to change. Also the overuse of the word by Obama in his campaign made the word just annoying to hear and even think about. But sometimes change is a good thing. Social media is slowly changing the way we communicate and gather our information. This is also changing the way companies get feedback from consumers. The crazy thing is that sometimes the consumer doesn’t even know they are doing it.

8) Delicious Thoughts

by Lauren Parr 3/29/10

When I saw that we had the option of selecting a topic of the week, I wasn’t sure what delicious was. After reading your post it seems like it would be pretty cool. It’s pretty cool how you can now have your favorites anywhere you go. Even though I am not a person who uses the favorite option on my computer I can see where if I did this site would be an awesome tool. I agree with you that if I were to get an account I would probably not use it that much. This was a great post.

9) Viral Videos

by James Kicklighter 4/11/10

This was an interesting post on viral videos. It’s funny to see people wonder why some videos go viral as opposed to others. That’s where I agree with you that it has to do with the mass appeal. Usually I find that the videos getting the most attention are those that are either cute or funny. Sometimes you get lucky and find a video with both. Perfect example is the kitten video you have posted. It has something that most people will enjoy. Unfortunately some videos that have gone viral have embarrassed those in the video. Such as the “star wars kid.”

10) PROpenMic…What is it?

by Lauren Parr 3/17/10

At first I didn’t know about PROpenMic nor did I have a desire to use it. After reading up on it and seeing all that it offered I realized how beneficial it could be. The various opportunities it offers are astounding. Having a site that allows you to look for jobs and internships directly related to your field is awesome. It also is a great way to network with people in your profession. Having a site that allows you to get your name out there and make connections before you even graduate is awesome. I enjoyed the post. It was a great read.


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