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Defining Social media…In 140 Characters

On January 27, Adam Vincenzini posted a blog compiling multiple definitions of social media in 140 character or less. He asked the question on Twitter and received multiple replies. Here are a few that stuck out to me:

@mattsingley Social media is online content & communication that is interactive & dynamic, not controlled by any one person or entity.

@ValerieSimon Social Media is a participatory form of media that provides opportunities to listen, share & engage using virtual technologies & practices

@katiemoffat Social media is like offline, traditional word of mouth but on steriods

@swonderlin Social media is a revolutionary tool – bringing thoughts & ideas together from every corner of the world and in all facets

As you can see, this is just a sample of the variety of responses he received. The one I like the most is the one that likens social media to “word of mouth but on steroids.” I find that to be a fairly accurate in the sense that by being online what you say or do spreads faster than ever before. So instead my opinion being seen or heard by a few people, it now has the potential to reach millions of people around the world.

Within the past year social media has really shaped the way we communicate and gather information. Gone are the days of looking to newspapers and magazines for information. This information can be found online with multiple opinions to go along with it.

Like with the recent earthquakes in Haiti. People were getting a majority of information by way of social media. The Red Cross was uploading daily videos to youtube and setting up various ways to contribute. As our society moves closer to a “information based” lifestyle, social media is only going to get bigger.

@jeffcarter3 Social Media is a way in which we are communicating and gathering information at a quicker rate from all parts of the world.


2 Responses to “Defining Social media…In 140 Characters”

  1. Jeff, I like your definition of social media and I like the ones that you picked from the posts. However, I really wish that we as an online community could come up with one combined definition of social media. It would make studying and understanding it so much easier. That person was right though… “Social media is like word of mouth on steroids.” Social media has made it possible for so many people to express their opinion on things and then allow for other people to comment on their opinion. It surely does allow people to have a voice.

  2. I do see the advantages of social media because it is not controlled by one person or entity. To me it is like talking to someone, that person face to face can dominate the conversation.

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