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The Visibility of A Search Engine

Recently I read an interesting paper by Steve Rubel and others at Edelman Digital titled Search Engine Visibility. While it was a very interesting read, there was one part that really stuck out to me. What really caught my eye was how much we use/rely on search engines.

Gone are the days when a person had a question and they go to an encyclopedia or simply ask someone who might know the answer. Now we result to the ever popular phrase “just google it.”

According to Rubel, “89% of U.S. online adults use search engines.” That is astonishing. I know that online search engines are popular and very useful, but I was not aware how much we rely on them.

When search engines were really becoming popular, companies were able to adjust their websites to pop up in searches or pay for an ad to show up when someone was searching for a product that they happen to sell. These two are referred  to as SEO (Optimized Search) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

While these two are still major players in the search engine game, there is a new player that has recently come about.

More and more social sites are popping up on these searches because people are blogging or commenting more than in the past. This is becoming the new age “word of mouth.” As long as the search engines deem the the site or page quality content it can easily show up in the top results.

This is just another way that social media is slowing taking over our lives. It is slowly becoming the way we gain our information or share our knowledge or experience with others.

“According to a Nielsenʼs March 2009 Global Faces and Networked Places report, search engines have a global active reach of 85.9percent of all users” (Rubel). This statistic is only going to grow as we become more reliant on search engines and the various social medias that are found in searches.


4 Responses to “The Visibility of A Search Engine”

  1. It is so crazy to think that search engines are practically making research books obsolete, however that’s where everybody can find everything now, or so it seems. It seems that with the internet as well as the new technologies that are becoming so popular, face to face communication is getting less important. Blogs and online reviews are, like you said, the new way for people to get there opinion out there, and for people to get information about things they are wondering about. Good job!

  2. Search engines are crazy, because everything about you can go online instantaneously. Working in Entertainment, this is something I hear about daily, as people find things about me on search engines. Not that I’m complaining, it’s good for business, but I have to be hypersensitive as to what is available online for privacy concerns. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. I think 89% of people using search engines seems like a whole lot! I know that Google is my go-to website for anything and everything I do. I use it every single day if I get online. It always produces the information I am looking for, and best of all, it is easy and free! I love that there is only one space to enter the keywords because this keeps it simple and to the point. I do not know if I have ever used an encyclopedia or a dictionary in the past years, but if I have, they have been online. Google and other search engines are truly changing the way we search.

  4. I think one of my favorite phrases today is, “just google it.” I have seriously called a friend up to ask them a question, if they don’t know, I frustrating tell them and myself that I’ll “just google it.” You know something’s major when a product becomes a verb. The astonishing thing about the statistic you presented is that it’s only the percentage of adults who use search engines, but not how often. Could you image what that number would look like? Or the number of searches performed in google every second? Very true, I don’t think I make one major purchase without looking to what other bloggers have said about the product or the company. Jeff, I love how you said search engines are proving that social media is taking over our lives.

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