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Should a Business Adopt a Social Media Channel?

Recently I listened to a panel discussion about the adoption of social media communication channels. The discussion was held during the Ragan Communications conference and was moderated by the CEO of Ragan Communications, Mark Ragan. The discussion was titled Speakers and Speeches: Social Media, Friend or Foe?

The whole point of this panel discussion was for these communication experts to address the concerns and objections that Ragan has about adopting social media channels.

This was a great way to talk about the impact that social media is quickly having on the job market. They used an example that the company is trying to gain more “college hires.” They made the point that people want more information than just what is located in your annual report. That’s where social media steps in and saves the day.

Some people these days don’t understand that these days job seekers want to know more than just the basics. Social media allows you to provide them with that information that they will not find in an annual report.

Another topic they brought up was about the customers. Customers are using social media as a way to spread their experience, good or bad, with whoever is willing to read it. Social media would allow a way for the company to directly respond to that person and the public as a whole in a quicker and more efficient manner.

As noted many other times in previous blogs, social media is slowly transforming everything we do. It’s now becoming a major player in the way we communicate with each other, how we gather our information, or how we find jobs. Amazingly enough those are only a few examples of how social media has and still is impacting our lives.

It is simply amazing how far the internet has come in recent years.


4 Responses to “Should a Business Adopt a Social Media Channel?”

  1. This is a good way to look at the future of social media and the effects it can have on businesses. It can provide vital feedback from consumers about their experiences with a business. I agree with you that social media is definitely transforming the way we communicate. Your post covers all the aspects of social media being utlized in a business. I liked your reasons as well.

  2. I love social media1 And you are right, if businesses don’t conform to the new wave of technology then they will be left behind. It has changed the face of viral internet business transactions for life. I think that ALL businesses should definitely invest in some kind of social media channel. Bad customer reviews can leave a bad impression, but you can not stop people from talking. But it is a way to hear from your customers close up and personal.

  3. One of the best aspects of social media is that it can help build customer and client relationships. It is a great way for clients to give their input on company products and services, and for the businesses to get this advice in return, for free. I don’t know many long I’ve waited on the phone with companies such as Dell and not been able to talk to a real person. This is so frustrating, especially when I have given them my time and business. I think having a blog or Twitter account is great because it allows for free and immediate responses from both parties.

  4. Hey Jeff,
    Great post! I thought that this discussion was really neat because they were discussing the concerns and objections of one person adopting social media channels. Social media networks have hugely impacted the business world. One thing that I disagree with is that social media is slowly transforming everything… I think that it’s rapidly changing everything. Think about it, it took years for the television and radio to reach and be used by people. But millions of people have quickly adopted and are using social networking sites for both their personal and business uses and I think that this technology is just going to grow and grow.

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