Jeff Carter
Life is a riddle; unfortunately the answer's are not written here.

Groundswell Ch. 4-9

In chapters 4-9 of Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies, the topic of communication between you and the audience are discussed.

Groundswell points out a specific 4-step strategy called P.O.S.T.

  • People – assess your customers social activities
  • Objectives – decide what you want to accomplish
  • Strategy – plan for how relationship with customers will change
  • Technology – decide what social technologies to use

Since social media is playing  a new role in how a business and its customer communicate, it is important for companies to know how to properly listen out for things being posted about them. Groundswell gives 6-steps to better monitor their company.

1.Find out what your brand stands for
2.Understand how buzz is shifting
3.Save research money, increase research responsiveness
4.Find the sources of influence in your market
5.Manage PR crises
6.Generate new product and marketing ideas

Luckily with the new improvements with technology, companies and consumers can look forward to having more  ways to communicate with one another.


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