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Survival Guide Chapters 1-2

I recently had a chance to review the book A Sur­vival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Opti­miza­tion by Deltina Hay. As with the previous book I reviewed, I will be highlighting some of the important notes I found within the chapters.

Most companies these days need to come up with a social media plan in order to better communicate with their customers and the general public. In chapter 1, Hay presents 3 things you must consider when making this plan.

  1. Interactivity-commenting on blogs, giving ideas to others on social media websites
  2. Sharing– linking images, videos, websites to friends online
  3. Collaboration-using bookmarking sites and contributing to feeds

These are all great ways to get in touch with the consumer/public and let them know that you are out there and are relatively easy to contact.

The 2nd chapter discusses the importance of tags and/or keywords. Tags and Keywords are an easy way to generalize your topic, photo, etc. and make it easier to find online. This may also help you attract new customers because the tag or keyword could result in your company popping up on google searches.


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