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Delicious is an relatively new site with a lot to offer. This site is basically a traveling bookmark for web pages you might frequently visit. The site Delicious describes itself as a “social bookmarking” site. Delicious defines its definition of social bookmarking as a way to allow you to store and share bookmarks on the web, instead of inside your browser. This has several advantages.

  • First, you can get to your bookmarks from anywhere, no matter whether you’re at home, at work, in a library, or on a friend’s computer.
  • Second, you can share your bookmarks publicly, so your friends, coworkers, and other people can view them for reference, amusement, collaboration, or anything else. (Note that you can also mark bookmarks on Delicious as private – only viewable by you – if you like.)
  • Third, you can find other people on Delicious who have interesting bookmarks and add their links to your own collection. Everyone on Delicious chooses to save their bookmarks for a reason. You have access to the links that everyone wants to remember. You can see whether two people have chosen to remember a link, or whether it was useful enough for a thousand people to remember – which may help you find things that are useful for you, too.

Now a person can log in to their delicious account when they are away from home and still be able to access their favorite sites. This could be a very useful tool for those who often forget the url’s to sites they might want to use. So not only can you have your bookmarks any where any time, you can also share them. This site also allows you to connect with other users and then exchange bookmarks to sites that you might think the other person is interested in. Because not only does it let you connect with other users, you can also follow them. Basically you can see what bookmarks they are adding so you can also add them if you so choose.

Here is a link to my Delicious page.


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  1. […] Social bookmarking is a way for people to save their favorite websites to a single website and then be able to access their favorite bookmarks when they are away from home. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about a social bookmarking website called Delicious. […]

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