Jeff Carter
Life is a riddle; unfortunately the answer's are not written here.

Viral Videos

Viral videos are known to many as way to kill time by laughing or saying “awwww” to the most recent youtube sensation. I usually tend to like the funnier viral videos. Most would describe a viral video as a video that gains popularity by sharing it on the internet. For instance the stars wars kid was hilarious, and who could ever forget the person who cried and begged for people to leave Brittney Spears alone. Although it was probably never intended for all of these videos to become huge hits, but they did. Viral videos have slowly taken over our spare time when we are on the computer. It would probably be hard to find anyone who uses the internet that has not seen a viral video. There are now websites solely dedicated to viral videos. Like Viral Video Chart or Viral Videos. I could spend a day or two just trying to remember the various video I have seen over the past few years. Some were great some were not so great. All in all they captured my attention for some reason. It could have been that someone showed it to me or that I was intrigued by the title. Either way I viewed that video for some reason or another. Like most people do, if I like it I want to send it to everyone else I know. Especially those who I know will enjoy it. I have listed a few videos below. The first one is a funny tourism video made for Cleveland. The second is probably the most popular viral of all time. The evolution of dance.


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