Jeff Carter
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PROpenMic is a up an coming site that will greatly benefit Public Relation students and professionals for years to come. The site offers a great gathering place for all things related to public relations.

The founder/creator of this site, Robert French, is a public relation professor at Auburn University. French has over 25 years of experience in this field. So it should come as no shock to know that this isn’t his first public relation website that he has ever created. He has also created and

PROpenMic’s most useful tab for me right now is the “Job/internship” search. Since I am graduation in May, I am actively looking for an internship or a job. This area is a listing of jobs or internships located through out the country and also in some foreign countries.

There is also a section under that same tab listed as O’Dwyer PR jobs. This is a separate site that also has many job postings for public relations people.

One of the many unique aspects of this site would probably be its open discussion forum. Like most forums, it is open to different topics where users can read and comment. The topics range from just basic public relations to specific areas of public relations, and even various job experiences.

PROpenMic has endless networking opportunities for businesses as well as individuals.


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