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Tiger Woods…..The Actor?!

It is no secret by now that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with 1 or 20 women. When all of this news began to surface, Tiger went hiding. Bin Laden himself was probably thinking “damn that guy can hide.” This was probably by the “recomendations” of his agent and PR people.

Then finally the announcement came that he was going to do a live press conference. Of course by press conference they meant, Tiger was going to give a 13 minute speech, no questions were allowed, and only a handful of media would be permitted while the rest of the media would be located a mile or two away. When I heard this, the only thing I could think of was “are you sure this is Tiger or a G8 Summit?”

That infamous day finally arrived and many people watched with anticipation. At the end of the speech, myself like many others, was let down because we did not get the information we wanted to hear. Then again, that’s understandable.

I couldn’t help but laugh through out the whole speech. Apparently, being the wealthiest athlete in the world (net worth around $1 billion) doesn’t mean you can afford acting classes or buy yourself an award winning performance. Even politicians giving campaign speeches or state of union addresses were less choreographed than Tiger.From his eye contact with the camera, to when to place his hand over his heart.

There was only to be 1 video camera in the room while he delivered this statement. Being a sucker for conspiracy theories occasionally I can’t help but think there was something fishy about what happened around minute 9 of his statement.

The “one” camera in the room, just so happened to lose signal. Conveniently they had a back up camera that was position slightly behind/angled to his left side. This is when we get our first glimpse of who all was in the crowd. Ironically, when this angle first appears he is just beginning to address his family and close friends. Is it a coincidence that family and close friends just so happen to be sitting right in line with the only other camera angle available? Also noteworthy was the fact that his mother was in the center of the screen the whole time this angle was used.

If you have been living under a rock since the day after Thanksgiving, here is a link to the full speech so you can look for the things I have mentioned above.


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