Jeff Carter
Life is a riddle; unfortunately the answer's are not written here.

What is PR?

A student, I’m guessing based on the tag, that goes to Georgia College and State University took her flip cam and walked around campus and asked fellow students what Public Relations is. You will see a variety of answers with some being more comical than others.


One Response to “What is PR?”

  1. really enjoyed this video that was made by the Georgia Southern Students. I thought it was cool to see what other students my age defined as public relations. I feel that the students, with exception of the happy kid, really grasped the general concept of what a person working in the field of Public Relations would do. One thing that would be interesting to find out is that if the same question would have been directed to people at a public place and not an educational institution would the answers have been as well educated, or would as many people know what public relations are. In my opinion I don’t think that the results would have been the same if the question was directed to the general public, than to college students. The reason for this is because college students are just learning this kind of stuff now so it is fresh in their minds, whereas the general population has so many different kinds of people. For example, some people in the general public could not even have finished high school or have been out of school for such a long time that things have left their memory.

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