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Social Media….The Foe!

April 28, 2010

It has been pointed out numerous time this semester how social media can cost you a job or job opportunity. It was never more apparent than in this clip from the new show Kell on Earth. Advertisements

PR Research & Campaign

April 28, 2010

A while back I saw one these videos on a tv show called Tosh.o. The concept, of the two videos below, is that person was selected or volunteered to make a tourism video for Cleveland. While it is clearly obvious that these two videos are spoofs, it made me think what if it wasn’t. One would […]

What is PR?

April 28, 2010

A student, I’m guessing based on the tag, that goes to Georgia College and State University took her flip cam and walked around campus and asked fellow students what Public Relations is. You will see a variety of answers with some being more comical than others.

PR Interview

April 27, 2010

I recently conducted an interview with Mr. Paul Floeckher. Currently Floeckher is the Manager of Media Relations for Georgia Southern University. Floeckher graduated from Georgia Southern back in 1991. I was referred to him by my adviser, Michelle Groover, as good PR professional to speak with. Here is the interview that took place. What’s a […]


April 21, 2010

For my PRCA 3030 class (social media) we had to create a podcast as an assignment. This was my first time ever doing a podcast. Back in high school, I had a job at a local radio station in Savannah. I would find myself killing time by experimenting with the sound equipment by recording myself […]

Tiger Woods…..The Actor?!

April 21, 2010

It is no secret by now that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with 1 or 20 women. When all of this news began to surface, Tiger went hiding. Bin Laden himself was probably thinking “damn that guy can hide.” This was probably by the “recomendations” of his agent and PR people. Then finally the […]

GSU Campus

April 21, 2010

I have recently noticed that the Georgia Southern public relation and marketing department have really elevated their professionalism. By that I mean that the recent video productions that they have released within the past year are of amazing quality. When I first arrived here (fall 2006) the commercials and videos I saw looked to have […]

Viral Video

April 21, 2010

Recently I was instructed to complete a viral video for my PRCA 3030 class (social media). I was unsure of what to do because the assignment suggested make a video for a client but also to where it would go viral. Seeing how I worked alone on this project my creativeness was somewhat limited. Also, […]

Slidecast Presentation

April 21, 2010

Recently I had to give a group presentation for a class. The instructor encouraged us to be creative and not just do the normal powerpoint. Being the only, somewhat technologically savvy person in the group, all eyes were on me. After getting the go ahead from the professor I decided we should do a slidecast. […]